Monday, May 07, 2007

Created to Worship

Yesterday I needed to go to Wal-Mart. I needed groceries, ingredients for baby food, and storage tubs to store the maternity clothes my cousin Julie gave me. I left Brody at home with Mike and headed to Hutch. It seemed just like any other time I've gone to Wal-Mart. I pulled into the parking lot, hurried inside (to avoid getting soaked by the rain), and got a shopping cart. As I started down the first aisle it hit me...this is going to be harder than I thought! Maybe it was the time of day, maybe it was because it was a weekend, maybe it was just like every other day...but it seemed like on every aisle I ran into someone that was pregnant or had a tiny baby. I was shocked at the feelings of sadness that washed over me. It wasn't jealousy...just sadness.

Natalie (a friend from ACU) sent me a link to an organization her aunt started when she lost a baby. It's called M.E.N.D. (Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death). There are many helpful articles on there in the "newsletter" section. In one of the articles I read the words to the song below. It brought joy to my heart when I thought about the truth behind the words:

I am your sacrifice
I am your offering
I was created to worship you
There’s nothing I could bring
That would mean more then this one thing
I was created to worship you.

You are all I have
All I have is you
You are all I am
All I am is you
Whatever you ask of me
There’s no one I'd rather be
Then one created to worship you

In all that comes my way
Poverty fame or pain
I was created to worship you
Without you there’s nothing Lord
Now and forevermore I was created to worship you


Ledbetter Fam said...

That's a sweet song. Please know that we are continuing to pray for you. I love you!


Teri said...

That's precious Staci. When I miscarried someone shared the verse from Job, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, Blessed be the name of the Lord." At first, I was taken a back and then it settled within and realized that no matter what, 'Blessed by the name of the Lord!'

Suzanne said...

what a great song! I hope you're having a great day!

Natalie Gary said...

Hey Staci-
I have been praying for you so much lately. I am sure it is so hard and the sadness will come in waves. I was 14 when my aunt lost her first baby and I have forever been affected by that loss. It is a big deal, but I am so proud to read your posts and know what a Godly woman that you are. What would be do without the hope that only comes from Jesus??? You are awesome!

Grandmommy said...

That was a beautiful song and so true. We love ya'll and remember ya'll in my prayers every day that each day will get a little easier for you.

I read your excerpt from the journal to my best friend and she cried (we both cried). Afterward we regained our composure, she said "she writes so beautifully, she should write books." I told her you are.

We are you proud of you.

Cindy Davis said...

As I read this, I was listening to my mp3 player.......In The Arms of An Angel was playing......gave me chills.........made me cry........"all this glorious sadness, brings me to my knees"........."you were pulled from the wreckage of this silent revellry, you're in the arms of an angel, may you find some comfort here." Sometimes, words of comfort come from the strangest places. We love you all.......kiss Brody for me, and tell Mike to kiss you and hug you for me! Then you kiss and hug Mike for me, and tell him we love him so much for taking such good care of our niece, daughter, cousin, sister

Jessica K said...

All my love and prayers for you and Mike. I am so sorry to hear of your miscarriage. There really are no perfect words to use in the face of such a loss except the reassurance of love and support and continuing prayer. I'm glad you're healing well physically. The rest will follow in time. God is good. I pray you feel Him closer now than you ever have before.

Julie Tuel said...

Hey girl. I just want you to know that I am praying for you. I hate that you are having to go through such a difficult time. I love you!