Sunday, July 17, 2011

McKenna and Jayma

I took Grandmommy back to Temple last Thursday (more on that later).  While I was there I followed the kids into the backyard and got several great pictures (in my opinion!) of McKenna and Jayma!  Such precious girls!  I love them so much!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Luke in High Places

Last night we went over to Tyler and Ann's for dinner.  Grandmommy has been in town and was excited to go with us to see their house (and of course baby Luke again)!  While we were there I decided to get another picture that would make my Aunt Cindy go crazy.  For some reason she doesn't like me perching babies in high/unusual places?!?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Barrett's 3rd Birthday Party

I think this was also know as "Meet the Baby Day"!  All three of the new babies were at the there was never a shortage of babies to hold!  So much fun!!!

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The Cake - Spiderman!

I think one of the problems with digital photography is that you can take so many pictures that it becomes overwhelming!  Yes...Barrett turned 3 on June 27th...and his birthday party was July 2nd...but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it.  I think one of the reasons is the number of pictures I took!  I went through and flagged the ones I thought would be blog worthy...and I still had over 30 pictures!  That's a lot for a blog post! lol  So I put it off again and decided to just blog about the cake for now.  (I'll probably put some collages together for the party post.)

Over 6 months ago Barrett announced that he wanted a Spiderman birthday cake.  I think the only way he even about Spiderman is a direct result of 24 Hr Fitness.  They have two coloring pages for the kids while they're in Kids Club.  One of them is a princess (or girly thing) and the other is Spiderman!  When we go to the grocery store you have to go past the bakery to get to the produce and the boys always comment on the cakes in the bakery.  Barrett started telling people (months ago) that he was going to Kroger to get a Spiderman birthday cake for his birthday.  He actually said that HE wanted to drive himself there and buy it with his own money! Mr. Independent!  I assured him that he would get a Spiderman cake...but that I would make it for him.  (After eating cake with Jan's icing bought cake just doesn't do it for our family!  The taste doesn't even compare!)

So the day before his party Grammy (who came into town that Thursday evening) and I started with baking the cake in the new Spiderman cake pan that I bought.  I'm chalking it up to the fact that the pan wasn't seasoned yet...but the first attempt did NOT come out of the pan!  Grammy had greased the pan good before baking...but we still had to dig the cake out with a fork!  Try number 2 worked perfect and the crisis (of no Spiderman cake) was averted.  After we put the boys to bed for the night we got to work icing the cake.  For some reason we don't have any can lights directly over our island in our I found a new use for the lights I'd borrowed from Caleb to take pictures of Luke!

With lights in place we weren't casting shadows on the cake as we leaned over to ice it! 

Oh...I guess we started to ice before they went to bed.  For a little while Barrett sat there and watched us.  In a way it was good that the first cake was a dud because this gave the boys something to snack on...and we didn't have to hear them beg for cake over and over (and us tell them that they couldn't have any until the party)!

The end product!  I think it turned out great!!!  The next morning Barrett was excited to see it and announced, "That's a COOL cake!"  I'm glad it received his approval.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Extreme Bathroom Makeover

We knew when we moved into our house that we'd remodel the bathroom at some point.  It didn't offer as much privacy (or storage) as we'd like since it was designed for Jonathan (the prior owner who is confined to a wheel chair).  As much as we liked how big and open it felt, we often commented about how nice it'd be to be able to shut the door while you use the potty.  Yep...not only were there not walls around the potty...there wasn't even a door on the bathroom!  This meant that the days where I woke up early to go to the gym, I had to get dressed in the closet because if I turned the light on in the bathroom it shone directly on Mike's face in bed!  This past weekend (at Barrett's 3rd birthday party) we were finally ready to revel the bathroom to our family (who hadn't been allowed to see the bathroom since we'd started renovating it).  I think they had all been wondering why it took us over 6 months to remodel our bathroom.  After the big reveal...I think they understood.  Mike totally outdid himself with this remodel...and there are times where I want to just sit in our bathroom and relax.  What can I say?  He built a mountain spa in the middle of a Texas suburb!  Here are some collages ( on them to make them full screen) that will give you a glimpse of the remodel and the finished project. Pictures really don't do it feel free to stop by and see the mountain spa for yourself!




Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Axton's Newborn Photo Shoot

On July 4th I woke up early (for a holiday) to go over to Caleb & Audria's house to take pictures of my youngest nephew, Axton.  I was there by 6:45 am and he was sleepy and ready to let us take pictures!  He was so precious (and Caleb & Audria has so many ideas for pictures) that I was there taking pictures until after 11 am!  That meant I went home with a full memory card (over 300 pictures).  It was hard to narrow them down...and that's why you're getting to see lots of pictures.  He's just too cute to not include them!  Enjoy!

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Coming Soon/Pitch Count

* Barrett's 3rd Birthday Party
* Bathroom Remodel Reveal
* Newborn pictures of Axton
* 4th of July at the Roseberrys

Let's just say it's been a very busy week at our house!  I'll give you a fun story to tide you over.

I know I've mentioned many times how much Brody LOVES baseball.  Since we got ride of cable, we don't get to see very many Rangers games on TV.  So Mike and Brody have resorted to "watching" the games on the computer.  I use "watching" loosely because they're not actually watching video footage of the game.  Nope.  They're watching the pitch count change on  That's right.  They sit in front of the computer and wait with baited breath to see if the animated graphic shows ball, strike, or hit. 

Now you're probably thinking that they watch it for a little bit and then go play and then watch some more and then play more, right?  Wrong!  Mike may do other things during the game, but Brody sits there watching the entire thing!  Last night he sat with the laptop and watched the entire 3 hour game.  He might get up and run to find us to tell us about an exciting play...but then he'd run right back and settle in with the computer.  We could hear him cheering for the Rangers along with a few shouts of "That's a horrible call!" all the way in the other room. 

This may not seem strange to some people...that a 4.5 year old would watch the pitch count for 3 hours...but what if I were to tell you that same 4.5 year old barely made it through Cars 2!  He may not be one for watching movies and shows for hours....but that boy LOVES baseball!!!!