Sunday, September 04, 2011

Luke's 3 months!

Yesterday I got to take a few pictures of sweet Luke.  My goal was to get some pictures for a black and white collage...but I couldn't help but post a few of the pictures in color too.  I just love his baby blue eyes!!!

His grin is contagious!  I just love this age!!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Look at Luke's blue eyes! He is so precious.

Daddy Steve

Anonymous said...

They look great! Thanks for the pictures

Leave It To Davis said...

He's soooooo cute!!!! And you are such a wonderful photographer. I saw your website! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Luke has the most beautiful blue eyes and such a sweet smile.

Ginger said...

How sweet! I love the one of him crying...too funny! Great job Staci!