Thursday, May 31, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame...

Typical summer day. This is what the boys were doing as I was working at my desk...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm Not Tired - Part 2

Do you remember that video of Barrett where he was crying "I don't wanna take a nap!!!"  Well, today he didn't take a nap.  All afternoon he played and played and said he wasn't tired and didn't need a nap.  My great-aunt Sissie was in the hospital and I was up visiting her, so we had dinner a little late tonight.  Barrett was so "not-tired" that he fell asleep in the amount of time it too me to dish up his plate.  Yes...he was asleep sitting at the table for dinner.  Who's not tired?!?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Will Be Saved!

 I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.
                                                                    John 10:9a

If you stand at just the right spot while at Jacob's Dream, you can look through the stone to see the shape of a cross.  The words from John 10:9 are chiseled into the surrounding stones.
Mike and I will have no greater joy in this life than to know that our boys have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior....and will be saved!  They have already been blessed with hearts that love Him and want to tell others about what He has done for us.  From the moment these children were conceived, this has been our prayer for them....that they will one day be mighty warriors for the Lord!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jacob's Dream

A few years ago, Abilene Christian University created a sculpture site on their campus called Jacob's Dream.  You can imagine it kind of like Stonehenge with a spiritual aspect.  The main sculpture is 34' from the pedestal to the top angel (each angel is 8' tall) and it depicts the angels on the ladder in the dream Jacob had in Genesis 28.  There's a small baptismal pool near the base of the sculpture and spread out around the surrounding area are large stones carved with scripture.  As you walk through the site you are able to read different verses of scripture.  It's such a unique and awe inspiring place!  Pictures don't do it justice.  I should've backed up and taken a picture of the entire site, but I didn't.  Here's a picture in which you can see the ladder and the angels along with some of the surrounding stones.

Grammy with her 4 grandchildren.


Mark, Angela, Jayden, & Laney


One of the gifts Laney received was a bubble machine.  It was one of the best bubble machines I've ever seen!  It put out a constant stream of bubbles.  The kids LOVED it!

Laney Turns One!

Today I took the boys to Abilene for Laney's first birthday party!  Angela made her the cutest monkey birthday cake and the kids were sooooo ready for us to finish lunch so we could sing "Happy Birthday" and eat some cake and ice cream!  Angela lit the candle several times to let each kid have a chance to blow it out.
Isn't she just too cute?!?  She's such a happy little girl and a joy to be around!
As is typical, Laney was more interested in the packages than the toys she was given!  She climbed on the boxes and carried the wrapping paper around until we'd distract her with one of the new toys.  I think the boys were more excited about present time than she was!

Roadtrip Sernade

Here's a video of the entertainment I had aaallllllll the waaayyyy to Abilene for Laney's birthday!

Fireworks Friday

On Friday Mike surprised us by taking the day off work! We spent the day working around the house (me cleaning inside and him working on stuff in the backyard).

When the boys woke up from their naps, Mike told them that we were taking them to the Rangers game. They were sooooo excited!!!

We picked an awesome night to go to the Ballpark. It was a windy day, so even though the temps were warm, there was a good breeze blowing that kept us cool during he game. Not only was the weather nice...the Rangers were on fire!!! We saw a homerun by Hamilton, Torrealba, and a grand slam homerun by Cruz! The final score was 14-3!!!!

After the game there was a fireworks show at the Ballpark set to music. We all had so much fun together as a family!! It was after 11 before we headed to the car and Barrett said, "Momma, I'm as tired as you are!" but Brody insisted that he wasn't tired at all. They were both asleep by the time we pulled out of the parking lot!

What fun memories we made today!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cousin Fun

Collin is staying with Ron & Jan for a few days this week. Today Jan brought him over to play while she took GG to a dr's appointment. In the past, Brody and Collin were WILD when they got together. It was so bad that no one really wanted to get them together very often...even though they love each other! I was SHOCKED at how well they played together today. They were even mature enough to make sure Barrett was being included. It was amazing! I actually enjoyed having them here and listening to their conversations as they played together.

Just before lunch, Jan picked them up and took them to her house for the afternoon. Ron & Jan brought them back (after dinner!!! Thanks!!) in time for Brody to get his uniform on and go to his baseball game.

After the game, the boys swam for a while. Then it was time for devo and bed. They all wanted to sleep in the same room, so we popped up the trundle and put them all in Barrett's room. I hear a little talking now, but I bet they're out before long. They had a long, fun day!

Here's a picture of Nate, Brody, Collin, and Barrett at work with me this morning.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Waterballoon Baseball

Last night Caleb & Audria invited the boys over for a sleepover.  They had SO MUCH fun! Check out their blog for pictures of they time together.....Waterballoon Baseball w/Brody & Barrett

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Brody's coach selects an MVP of the game at the end of each game.  The kid who is selected gets to wear the MVP jersey at the next game.  A week or so ago Brody got to wear the MVP jersey.  The game he wore the jersey was an awesome game for him!  He hit well and he got to play infield.  In the 2nd inning he got a double and almost had 3 outs....if it weren't for coach pitch rules.  He caught a fly ball and went to tag the guy running to third, but then remembered that he can't tag a runner out since he's the pitcher (only one of the baseman or shortstop can tag a runner out in coach pitch) so he threw the ball to first base to get the runner out who had run to 2nd and was trying to make it back to 1st.  The crowd went wild!  :)  It was neat to see that even the coaches from the other team made a point to catch Brody on his way to the dugout and tell him that he made a good play!  What a fun game to watch!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Biscuits or Rangers....

This morning Grammy asked the boys to help her make biscuits to go with some gravy.  Barrett was very eager to help....
Brody, on the other hand, was unable to give it his full attention.  Yesterday's Texas Rangers game was playing on the TV in the living room.  As much as he likes won out.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school before summer break!  Barrett was super excited because on the last day of school they have a fun day (bounce houses, karate lessons, and many other games...not to mention food).  Brody, on the other hand, was an emotional basket case!  He was brought to tears at any mention of it being the end of the school year.  Yesterday I told him we needed to go get a present for their teachers and his bottom lip began quivering and he said, "Can you just go get it?  I don't wanna go."  Then he looked up me with his eyes brimming with tears and said, "Just one thing.  Can we please go to Starbucks before school tomorrow and get Mrs. Allyson a coffee.....(insert sobs)...because she loves coffee!"  Then he curled up in my lap and cried for a good 5 minutes.  I'm so thankful he has such a loving, tender heart!  So, of course, we went to Starbucks before school and got Mrs. Sarah and Mrs. Allyson a coffee :)

Barrett loved being in Mrs. Sarah's class this year!  She is sooooo sweet with the kids and makes sure they each know how much she loves them.  He's learned so much this year at school and is already looking forward to being in Ms. Pam's class next year!
Brody had fun at his end of year party, however, the tears were never very far away. 
All the kids in Brody's class signed everyone else's beach ball and they got to take them home.
When Brody realized that it was time to say goodbye, he melted into a pile of tears.  He clung to Mrs. Allyson (who also had tears rolling down her cheeks) and then quickly put on his sunglasses to hide his eyes.  Mrs. Allyson told me, "Brody is going to be the best boyfriend and husband some day.  He's Mr. Cool and Mr. Athlete....but he also has such a tender and compassionate heart.  Some girl is gonna be so lucky to get him some day!"  I agree! 
Brody tried to sneak out the front door without having to tell Mrs. Danielle "bye", but she didn't let that happen.  Again, they were both in tears!  I was just a little relieved to make it to the car and to be able to take a deep breath!  That was hard!  It wasn't until we got home that Brody finally said, "I'm really sad that I'll never go to my preschool again." 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2nd only to the second coming of Christ!

Tyler & Ann's neighbors are moving (much to Tyler & Ann's dismay).  They came across some catchers gear while packing and knew that Tyler & Ann had some nephews that LOVE baseball.  They gave it to Tyler and he brought it to the preschool program to give to the boys.  I cannot even begin to explain how excited they were about it.  Last night after we got home from eating dinner and the boys spent some time trying on all the catchers gear, Brody said, "This is the greatest day of my life!!!  Well....the 2nd greatest."  I said, "What's the first greatest?" to which he replied, "The 1st greatest day will be when Jesus come back!  Getting all this catchers gear is the 2nd greatest day!" 

Needless to say, first thing this morning the boys were outside ready to take turns being Mike Napoli.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pre-K Graduate!

Tonight was the end of year program at Brody and Barrett's school.  Last year Namaw and I cried during the program just thinking about the fact that "next year" (meaning this year) would be Brody's last preschool program.  This August he'll start kindergarten.....which means our family will be a slave to the school calendar for the next 15+ years.  It kinda feels like the end of freedom...not to mention the fact that now some teacher will get to spend all day with my son rather than me :(

Brody's not sad about starting kindergarten, but was sad about leaving preschool.  He's really gonna miss all his friends and especially his amazing teacher, Mrs. Allyson!

Autumn and Brody have become good friends and are excited to be going to the same elementary school together next year!  Below are the lyrics to the last song of the program.  This song always evokes tears from the moms in the audience and this year Brody's crying while he sang had everyone choked up!

We'll Be Friends Forever
Now it's the time for us to say goodbye for just a while,
so until we meet again may God's love make you smile.

We'll be friends forever, and while we are apart,
I will pray for you and always keep you in my heart.

We'll be friends forever, Jesus, you and me,
He binds our hearts together
and friends we'll always be.

Now when you see the sun, you know I see the same one too,
when you see the stars they'll say hello from me to you.

We'll be friends forever Jesus, you and me,
He binds our hearts together
and friends we'll always be.  
After dinner at Spring Creek, Tyler and Ann stopped by our house for a coffee from Mike's Coffeehaus and to change Luke's diaper.  When Barrett saw the jammies that Luke was wearing he rushed to put on his jammies that matched!  I couldn't resist getting a picture of them together :) 

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bump on the Noggin'

I got a text today from Barrett's preschool teacher telling me that there was an "incident" in which Barrett got hit in the head by the door!  She said they put ice on it and that he was playing happily now.  (There was also a note in Barrett's school folder from the director telling me that she talked with the classmate who pushed Barrett and informed the other kid's parents.)  I told her I was sure he'd be ok and that he's a tough little boy :)  I was surprised how big it was when I picked him up after school and she said it had already gone down in size by 1/2 of what it was!  He said it doesn't really hurt....but I think he's kinda proud of it.  He wanted me to take a picture of his boo boo.  You can see it below (on his forehead above the squinted eye)...

Fearless Wasp Hunters

Last week after school, Nate came over to play ball with Brody. Autumn was still here, so they played in the garage. I went out to check on them when I stopped hearing the thud of the tennis ball on the garage wall and found this.....
A wasp had invaded the garage and interrupted their game.  Brody decided it would be best to take out the wasp with his disc Nerf gun.  If he had succeeded in killing the wasp with his Nerf gun, I think I'd have entered him in the History Channel's show Top Shot! lol

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Swim Party!!!

Trey (a boy from Brody's preK class) had an end of school swim party at his house today.  They kids had soooo much fun swimming with some of their friends!  I just had to post this picture of Barrett jumping fearlessly into the pool.  He's such a little fish!!

Adult Teeth

For a while now, Barrett has been complaining about his teeth hurting.  I know that his front right tooth is dead (due to a collision with Brody's forehead), but when I ask him which teeth hurt he points to his bottom and top teeth all along the front.  I can't see anything visibly wrong, so I made a dentist appointment for him.  I just knew we'd go in to find out that he had a mouthful of cavities. 

Today was the appointment.  I was shocked to learn what has been causing his pain.  Our little 3 year old is teething....not like babies teethe....he's teething like a big boy.  His adult teeth are starting to push up under his baby teeth already!!  The dentist said that his bottom front teeth are already a little loose.  They're not loose enough to want to pull, but they're getting loose from the adult teeth pushing up on them.  CRAZY!!!  Can you imagine little Barrett with a mouth full of adult teeth?!? 

The dentist said to give him Tylenol when it's hurting him....and just be patient!  Speaking of patience, Barrett was a great patient at the dentist today!  He didn't cry or complain once!

Friday, May 04, 2012


And kids wonder how their momma knows they need a nap! lol I'll have to show this to Barrett when he's a teen is is begging for a nap....

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Sacrificial Love

Over the past 12 1/2 years, Mike has made many sacrifices for our family.  Since we have moved back to Texas there are many times that I have felt guilty.  Moving to Texas was a very selfless act on the part of my husband.  It required moving to the big city (he's definitely a country boy through and through), HOT weather (he loves the cold so much I think he'd be happy on the North Pole!), drastically decreased hunting expeditions (he used to be able to walk out our front door and hunt.  this past year he didn't shoot a single animal...the first time since he began hunting as a young boy), and hardly any days spent golfing (in KS he was on the Country Club board and even helped out with some HS golf meets).  Mike gave up so much of himself to move here.  Oh there are many things that we've gained....closeness with family, playing softball together, watching our boys play ball, making many great new friends, good jobs, awesome church, me being able to spend more time at home with the kids....but it still hurts when I think of the part of himself that he is sacrificing for this life that we have built. 

I think that will help you understand why I was brought to tears the other day.  Mike had been telling me there's a new song on country radio that makes him think about me.  He wouldn't tell me what it said because he wanted me to hear the song.  Tuesday morning he called on his way to work and held his phone up to the radio.  This is the song that was playing......

A Woman Like You - Lee Brice
Last night, outta the blue
Driftin' off to the evening news
You said "Honey, what would you do
If you'd never met me"
I just laughed, said "I don't know,
But I could take a couple guesses though"
And then tried to dig real deep,
Said, "Darling honestly...

I'd do a lot more offshore fishin'
I'd probably eat more drive-thru chicken
Take a few strokes off my golf game
If I'd have never known your name
I'd still be driving that old green 'Nova
I probably never would have heard of yoga
Be a better football fan
But if I was a single man
Alone and out there on the loose
Well I'd be looking for a woman like you."

I could tell that got her attention
So I said, "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention,
I wouldn't trade a single day
For a hundred years the other way."
She just smiled and rolled her eyes,
Cause she's heard all of my lines

I said, "C'mon on girl, seriously
If I hadn't been so lucky

I'd be shootin' pool in my bachelor pad
Playing bass in my cover band
Restocking up cold Bud Light
For poker every Tuesday night, yeah
I'd have a dirtbike in the shed
And not one throw pillow on the bed
I'd keep my cash in a coffee can
But if I was a single man
Alone and out there on the loose
Well I'd be looking for a woman like you."

She knows what a mess I'd be if I didn't have her here
But to be sure, I whispered in her ear
"You know I get sick deep-sea fishin'
And you make the best fried chicken
I got a hopeless golf game
I love the sound of your name
I might miss that old green 'Nova
But I love watchin' you do yoga
I'd take a gold band on my hand
Over being a single man
Cause honestly I don't know what I'd do
If I'd never met a woman like you."

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Waiting a Lifetime

Baby K,
Five years ago today you went to Heaven.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about you.  It's amazing how much love I can have in my heart for someone that I've never touched, seen with my eyes, or even spoken to.  What's even more amazing is that your brothers have the same love in their hearts for you too!  We have never been shy in talking about you with Brody and Barrett....after all, you are one of the precious children that God blessed us with!  We may not get to spend our earthly life getting to know you, but we know that we will have an eternity together in Heaven.  Often times the boys will ask about you.  Ask me to tell them the story about you already being in Heaven...and about you waiting to meet us when we get there.  At times, Brody has broken down in tears.  Even though he never met you, he misses you and wishes that you were here with us.

The other night we were watching a Rangers game before bed when Brody said, "When will we get to see Baby K?"  We told him it would be when we get to Heaven and he responded, "But how will we get there?!?"  This led us into a sweet time as a family.  We turned off the game and gathered the boys on the couches with us to study with them what the Bible says about Jesus' return and about Heaven. 

Even though my heart still aches for you, I am so thankful that you are in a place that is more wonderful than anything we can imagine.  More beautiful than the mountains in Colorado, more peaceful than the plains of Kansas, more plentiful than an all you can eat cruise ship!  You will never experience pain or heartbreak or disappointment.  For this I am so thankful.  Because of God's promise to me that I too will spend forever in such a wonderful place....I can wait this lifetime to see you face to face. 

Until then....never forget that I love you!