Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Misc

Because of graduate school...things that I would typically blog about separately are just going to have to be grouped together and captioned (rather than having a story written about them).  I'd rather get the memories down in print....than not ever put them in my blog book because I don't have time to do the story justice.  I should be done with school in the next year...so then I can get back to my "normal" blog routine.  Until then...enjoy the random days where you check my blog and find that I have suddenly posted a million pics :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Car Conversations

The conversations in our car lately have mainly been about passing cars.  These are the sayings we hear over and over every car ride....

"Cool car" - 2 door sports cars or antique car

"Cheesecake" (or Kee-kay as Bri says it) - yellow cars

"Slug bug" - VW bug

"Slug bug. Slug cake. Cheesecake" - yellow VW bug

"Cool car.  Cool cake.  Cheesecake." - yellow cool car

"Cool car. Jackpot!" - more than one cool car

"Rotten cheesecake" - poop green car

"Cool car. Cool cake. Cheesecake.  Jinks.  Blackout. Cool car.  Cool cake Cheesecake.  Barrett. Barrett. Barrett!" - when both boys say it at the same time, one will says "Jinks. Blackout!" and then say it again...but I guess when you say "Blackout" you're not allowed to talk until someone says your name 3 times...so after the brother gets points for the car in question...he'll say the "Blacked out" brothers name 3 times.

"Cool car. No take backs!" - this goes too far for me...so if I hear "no take backs" then I say, "You lose! We don't allow take backs in this car."  I told them that whoever calls it first gets the point...you can't say "take back" and then say it again and you steal their point.  That just annoys me.  I can handle all the other random shout outs...but take backs create fights...so I put an end to that one.

So if Bri's riding with you and suddenly shouts out "Kee-Kay!"...she's just trying to win a game (that she doesn't really understand yet!)