Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Rachel's my girlfriend!"

"Missed me missed me!  Now ya gotta kiss me!" I heard Brody telling Barrett as he was being chased around the house.  "Where did you hear that?" I asked him.  "From Rachel at school." he responded. 

A week or so ago Mrs. Pam (Brody's teacher) told me that a little girl named Rachel has been cutting in line to stand by Brody and stealing other kids' seats to sit by Brody.  She said Rachel is not a defiant child, so this behavior has shocked the teacher!  Later that day I asked Brody, "Do you play with the boys or the girls more at school."  He said, "The girls."  I asked him what they play and he responded, "Well, when we're outside for recess they all chase me around the playground.  When we have inside recess, we play dress up."  "Dress up!?!?  What do you dress up like?", I asked.  "I'm usually the fireman or the police man and they're the princesses."  Ah.  I see.  He's the ladies man of the class! lol

A few days ago Rachel's mom (one of the pre-k teachers at school) approached me and said that Rachel came home claiming that Brody is her boyfriend!  On our way home from school that day Brody said, "Rachel's my girlfriend."  "What does that mean?", I asked.  "I don't know....she just told me she is." 

The next school day Brody asked me to take my camera to school to take a picture of him and Rachel.  I was happy to oblige!  I highly doubt he'll ask me to do that in a few years!  When I told Mrs. Pam what Brody wanted a picture of, she put them both on the horse that's at the front of the classroom (the one the Sheriff of the Day sits on and holds the flag while the kids say the Pledge of Allegiance).  Too cute!  I am definitely not encouraging the boyfriend/girlfriend thing with Brody...but I think it's great that he's friends with both the boys and the girls in his class!

Barrett's 1st Texas Rangers Game!

April 19, 2011 was Barrett's first time to get to go to a Texas Rangers game! He was so excited! (FYI:  These pics are from my not the best quality.)
Barrett spent most of the game digging through my purse for snacks while Brody actually watched most of the game and asked lots of questions of Mike. 

Our friend, Allison B., was at the game and texted me to meet her at the kiddy park area.  It was fun to get to see her at the game and fun to meet her "friend that's a boy", Cameron.  He's a professional rodeo guy (even has a big name sponsor!) 

When we got back to our seats, Barrett turned around and saw a fan with a red suit on from head to toe.  He stared at him for the longest time and kept asking me questions like, "Can that guy talk?"  I bet it was very confusing when he saw what looked like a man without a face!  As we were leaving I asked if they wanted their picture with the guy and they both said, "Yes!"  I asked the man if he'd let me take his picture and he was happy too.  As soon as he came to the aisle, Barrett ran and hid behind me.  He wouldn't go anywhere near the man!  Brody wasn't afraid and gave me a huge grin.  Can you imagine how HOT this suit is at a Rangers game in July?!?
The Rangers didn't win that night....but our boys didn't care.  They LOVED going to The Ballpark at Arlington and are already asking when we get to go back!

Friday, April 29, 2011

I promise I'm still alive!!!

First it was tax season, then a trip to KS for me and the boys, then I was sick, and now it's time for the Ladies' Retreat.  Be prepared.  When I actually get a minute to'll have a lot of catch up posts to read!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bluebonnets 2011

You see Barrett's expression?  That's how excited I was about taking their pictures in the bluebonnets!!!  It was a perfect day...the light was soft (meaning it was overcast), the kids were cooperative (for the most part), and we found the perfect field of bluebonnets!

When I saw that it was overcast today, I hurried to get the boys ready and we left soon after Autumn arrived.  We only had 10 minutes to take a few pictures before I had to get the kids to preschool.  I think we did pretty good for 10 minutes!

I know....I don't have any pics of Brody by himself and I have lots of Barrett by himself.  Brody was more interested in exploring the surrounding field than he was in sitting still for a picture.  It's a good thing Barrett doesn't realize how cute he is...although he has figured out how to play me using his dimple ;)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shutter Storm

On Saturday I took a photography class taught by some of our clients.  It was from 9 am to 7 pm and I had a lot of information crammed in my head throughout the day!  We started the morning with a crash course on our cameras and then we headed to the Ft. Worth Stockyards to take some pictures.  They had a model there who was the subject of our pictures.  After shooting for an hour or so, we headed back to the classroom and learned the basics of editing in Lightroom.  I definitely still need to work on everything from composition to editing...but here are some of the better shoots from the day.

After our time was up with the model, Nicole, one of the students in the class volunteered to model.  The sun was very harsh by this time and this was really the only shot I got that was worth anything...
The class was well worth the money and I hope in the future to be able to go on one of their travel excursions!  Jason and Caleb are very knowledgeable and were excellent instructors!  Here's a link to their website incase you're interested in a photography class:  The Shutter Storm

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Squeezing out a Smile

The longer I look at this picture the more it cracks me up!  Is it really such a chore to smile?!?  I mean...their faces look vaguely familiar to the faces they have while going potty!  I need to tell them not to try so hard when they smile for a picture! lol

Monday, April 11, 2011

Officially done with training wheels!

It's official.  There is no need to put training wheels back on Brody's bike.  He has learned to ride a bike!  Last week he even rode his bike home the long way (on the sidewalks rather than through the greenbelt) from Daddy Steve and Namaw's house!  We're so proud of him!

Daddy Steve told him to lean when he rounds a corner...but I think he's taking it to Nascar extreme!  I've tried telling him not to lean so far...but I'm afraid he's going to have to learn from experience.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to look out the window some day and see him laying sideways on the ground with as far as he leans sometimes!
Talking while he's riding, "Oh yeah!  Did you see that turn, Momma?!"
I can't believe how fast my little boy is growing up!  He looks like such a big kid on his bike!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just Chillin'

Uncle Caleb & Barrett just chillin' at Brody's t-ball game on Saturday....

Friday, April 08, 2011

Snot Bubble

This morning Barrett sneezed and a HUGE snot bubble came out of his nose and stayed there!  I hurried to get my camera (yes, it was that hilarious!!), but it was too dark in the house to get a good picture.  I tried to carry him gently outside for the natural light...but it popped right as I started to take the picture.  Brody sat down and the boys put their arms around each other and asked me to take a picture of them together.  Gotta love the brotherly love!  (You'll notice that Barrett's eye is dilated in the picture...this is because of the drops we're putting in his eye instead of patching.)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Roses for Momma

This morning after breakfast Brody said, "Momma?  I need you to unlock the back door and let me outside...but DON'T watch what I do!"  I trust Brody, so I unlocked the door...but then I peeked out the window to see what he was doing.  It melted my heart when I saw what he was going outside to do....
Yep.  He went outside to pick some flowers for ME!  Doesn't it just melt your heart?  He came back to the house and said, "I got these for you because I love you!"  I wanted to bottle up that moment and save it forever (and blogging about it does just that!)

There's just something special about being the mother to boys.  I am so blessed!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Axton's Baby Shower

Tricia, Julie, Ann, and I have been planning this day for several months now!  It was so fun to get to host a baby shower for Caleb & Audria.  I couldn't believe how many people came to shower them with love and gifts!  Little Axton already has so many people that love him!
I think this is Caleb's favorite gift for Axton.  It's a piece of turf from Cowboys Stadium mounted in a frame.  Since Axton's room is Cowboys themed...this will go perfect! 
As you can see...they were blessed with so many things for their new baby boy!  It was fun looking through all their gifts with them.  It's amazing how many cool, new things are developed every year!
Thanks to all our family and friends who came and showed support for Caleb and Audria.  We can't wait to get to meet Axton and hold him and love on him.  Just 2 more months!!!!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Wendi's Baby Shower

Some of our good friends, Wade & Wendi, moved to Houston this past year.  They are now expecting their first baby (due July 11th)!  Wendi came back to our area for a baby shower this weekend and we were all excited to get to see her!

Christina (holding Lily), Julie, Audria, Wendi, Anna, Staci, & Robyn
Chris came to the shower with Christina in hopes of hanging out with Wade.  He was disappointed when Wade wasn't there...and felt a little out of place being the only guy at an undoubtably ladies event!  He ended up leaving and running errands and when he came back Wade was he was happy.
I just had to post a picture of Chris & Christina's baby girl, Lily.  She has a permenant mohawk with all her soft, fine baby hair!
It was fun to get to see Wendi with her baby bump.  She looks super cute as a prego.  We are so excited for Wade and Wendi.  Without a doubt they are going to be awesome parents!  We can't wait to meet their son!

Family Day

I'm officially calling today Family Day for Brody's t-ball team.  We had a lot of family come to his game today!  Namaw (Daddy Steve was on a youth retreat), Mark, Angela, Jayden, Caleb, Audria, Tyler, Ann, along with Mike, Barrett, and I were all there to cheer Brody on during his game!
I wonder if the other fans think I only know pregnant women?  It was fun having all the preggo's together!
They tried to get me to conform.....
(I think I had a much easier time "delivering" my sweatshirt than they will have delivering their babies! lol)

Barrett & Jayden watched the game from behind home plate.
Brody played 3rd base.  He was focused on each batter and where the ball went...cant's say the same for the player in the outfield behind him! lol
After the game Caleb taught Brody how to correctly chest bump...
It was so fun to have everyone there watching Brody play. 
Thanks for coming out to support our tee baller!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Worship at The Village Church

Tonight we went to The Village Church with Tyler and Ann for the release of an album their worship team just completed called God of Victory.  Wow!  It was an awesome time of praise and worship with a jam packed auditorium!  They had to turn away over 500 people because it was filled to capacity.  They handed out free cd's to everyone who came and their cd is now available on iTunes!  What a great way to spend a Friday night!

Guys Night Out

Yesterday Mike asked me to bring the boys up to his office after they got out of preschool.  We got to see his new office and talk to a few of his co-workers.  Of course, he had to make the boys paper airplanes and let them fly them around the office. 

Barrett climbed up on one of the chairs at the conference table in Mike's office to look out the window.  When he looked out he said, "WOW!  This is awesome!!!!"  He thought it was so cool to be so high up overlooking the city!
Brody wanted me to take his picture at the conference table so he could pretend like he was really working at Daddy's office.  He told me that some day he's going to share an office with Daddy.

After we made our rounds at Mike's office, Mike and the boys headed out for their guys night and I headed home to do laundry.  The guys had a fun time together at Cabela's (eating dinner, playing with the toys, shooting guns in the shooting gallery, looking at the taxidermy animals, watching fish swim, looking at boats, holding a real gun, and just walking around the store).   Barrett fell asleep on the way home (he was too excited to nap after school) and Brody followed soon after.

Mike had so much fun with his boys last night...and since they haven't stopped talking about it yet...I'm guessing the boys had lots of fun with their Daddy too :)