Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where does it all go?!?

On Saturday mornings we usually make waffles or biscuits & gravy or french toast or something else fun.  Last weekend we had waffles with fresh fruit on top.  I didn't think there was any way Brody was going to eat all that he put on his plate... 

But I was wrong!  He ate all but a few blackberries!  How is it that my 5 year old can eat more than me?!?  Where does he put it?!?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Dancin' in the Kitchen

Are you a morning person?  I didn't say, "Can you wake up early?"  When I was younger, I thought I was a morning person because I had the ability to wake up early.  However, ask my parents, brothers, or friends from high school and they'd tell you that they found it wise to wait until after I ate breakfast to try to make conversation with me.  It wasn't until I was in college that I truly became a morning person.  You know...the kind of person that enjoys waking up early.  Here's why I love mornings...

This morning my alarm clock went off at 5 am.  I crawled out of bed looking forward to the morning.  The morning has become one of my favorite times of day.  I quietly got dressed and left our house for the gym.  I like to arrive early for class so that I can work on scripture memory while I warm up.  It helps me get my mind focused for the day.  My dad met me at the gym and we enjoyed a really tough spinning class together.  It's so neat to get to spend that time working out with the person who taught me how much fun exercise can be!  We like to push each other to work hard and we have fun doing it. 

Just as I was about to leave class this morning, the next song started and I knew I couldn't leave yet.  For some reason that particular song always makes me visualize what it might be like when Christ returns.  The drama of the music makes my soul swell with excitement and anticipation...thinking about how utterly amazing it will be to see my Savior face to face!  I didn't get to stay 'til the end of class, but I stayed a few minutes later than planned because I was worshiping (you didn't know you could have praise time in aerobics class did you?!? lol)  I always leave class a few minutes early.  Most of the people there know that I leave a few minutes early so I can get home in time for Mike to leave for work.  They probably think that we're like ships passing in the checking in at home while Mike's walking out the door.  That's not how it goes...

I typically get home while Mike's taking his morning shower.  I head to the kitchen and pack him a lunch and then make a hot breakfast for us to enjoy together.  This morning we were sitting at the table drinking our coffee and spending time in the Word when I heard the pitter patter of little feet coming down the hall.  A sleepy looking Barrett walked by (thumb in mouth) hugging his bear and headed straight for the couch where he curled up under a blanket.  Mike closed his Bible and went to cuddle with his precious boy for a few minutes.  Barrett said he woke up a little early because he wanted to make sure he didn't miss seeing Daddy before he left for work!

I got to hold my cuddle bear as Mike made a coffee to go and loaded up his work stuff in the Jeep.  Barrett and I both got kisses from Mike before he climbed into the car.  Barrett had a huge grin on his face (the kind that scrunches up his face and makes his high cheek dimple really deep!) as he waved "I love you" fingers at Mike as he drove away.  Then we stood in the driveway watching him drive around the corner.  Just before he was out of sight, he stuck his hand out the window and waved at us one more time (as has become a morning tradition). 

Barrett and I walked inside and headed to the kitchen to get him something to eat.  When we got there, I heard a song from Third Day playing on my iPhone.  Barrett wrapped his arms around my neck and we danced around the kitchen.  As I spun around the room I could hear his giggles.  Every so often he'd throw his head back and laugh with joy....then he'd lay his head on my shoulder and hug me tight (never letting go of his bear).  When the song ended, we sat down on the couch together and he said he wanted to wait for Brody to get up to eat so they could eat together as brothers.

While I was writing this post, Brody came out of his room.  My growing five year old crawled up in my lap and said, "Has Barrett already had cuddle time with Momma this morning?  Can we go sit on the couch for cuddle time?"  This is the only time during the day that my boys are excited about sitting still and just enjoying being together (without running or throwing a ball!) 

Do you see why I cherish my mornings?  How is it possible not to wake up with joy and anticipation for the day when this is what I get to experience?!?  Yes....I'm a morning person and I'm proud of it!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

FULL of expression!

Ok...seriously!  How can you not wanna kiss these sweet cheeks?!?  I love me some baby Luke!

Action Shots

Obviously...the pics from Jon's birthday that I already posted were posed pictures.  Here are some of the random pictures I took of our family just enjoying one another's company :)
GG talking to Axton.  He looks like he's saying, "Who me?  You think I'm cute?"

Julie was so happy to get to love on her newest niece.  She was trying to calm Emma down so I could get a pic of Bella holding Emma...and then Emma spit up.  Thankfully Mike was quick with the burp rag! lol

Isn't Katelyn gorgeous?!?  Matt's gonna have to fight to keep the boys away from his beautiful girls!

Mostly we all sat around talking while we watched the babies play on the floor...

Barrett, Brody, and Collin offered to entertain Axton so Audria could eat.  We were crackin' up when we looked in the living room to see them just sitting around Axton in a semi circle....making faces at him! lol

Everyone was here!!!

Today we had lunch at Ron & Jan's house.  We celebrated Jon's birthday...but I think everyone's true motive for coming was to meet Jon & Cindy's baby girl, Emma.  It's been a long time since we've had everyone present for a family event with Namaw's side of the family.  It seems like there always at least one person missing.  Today everyone was able to make we couldn't pass up the chance for a family photo!  I set my camera to take 4 pictures in a row and believe it or the 4th picture EVERYONE (even Luke & Axton) was looking at the camera with eyes open!  I don't think I've ever just had one take for a group shot!  Everyone was surprised (and relieved) when I said, "Wow!  That was good!  We don't have to do it again!"  lol 

GG with all her great-grandchildren.  Katelyn, Axton, Bella, Emma, Lauren, Luke, Barrett, Collin, & Brody

Ron & Jan with their children and grandchildren

Ron, Jan, and their five grandchildren!

Bella has a sister!!!

Today we had a family lunch at Ron & Jan's house.  I went over there early with Namaw and GG so that I could take a few pictures of the newest addition to the family....Emma!  She is so precious!  See for yourself.....

Now a family of FOUR!  Jon, Cindy, Bella, & Emma...

Friday Night Lights...or lack thereof

Last night was Barrett's first ever baseball (tball) practice!  He was SUPER excited to finally have his own practice to attend.  He did an awesome job hitting the ball...but spent most of his time in the outfield in the crouched position waiting for grounders that never came his way (while the 3rd baseman ran across the field after a ball hit towards 1st base! lol)  Barrett's starting organized baseball a full year earlier than Brody and I'm sure he'll improve a lot in his fielding abilities over the next year.

After Barrett's practice, we headed to Big League Dreams for Mike and I to practice with some of our Snap Fitness softball team friends.  Darren, Tonya, Tim, & Kristin met us at the batting cages along with Darren & Tonya's daughter Taylor.  We all hit several times and then the guys found an empty field for us to practice on.  The lights weren't on since there wasn't a game being played on that field (and it's expensive to have them turned on for a practice), so we played in the dark.  There was a slight glow of light coming from a nearby field, but it took concentration on our part to see the balls that Tim & Kristin were hitting towards us!  We had a lot of fun playing in the dark (I decided that I must really be improving if I can field balls in the dark!) and didn't leave the fields until after 9 pm.

Everyone (including Barrett who was laying on Mike's jacket with his thumb in his mouth) was hungry, so we went to Applebee's for a late dinner.  The boys were super good to be up so late past their bedtime.  Barrett and Taylor had fun making faces at each other with limes in their mouth!
(pic taken in a dark room with my iPhone....meaning poor quality but cute kids!)
The boys didn't get in bed until 11:05....but that meant they slept in this morning.  Brody wasn't up until 9 am this morning!  We enjoyed a lazy morning eating waffles and watching hunting shows while a steady rain fell outside.  Now we're getting ready to go to Jan & Ron's and meet baby Emma for the first time!

Friday, February 17, 2012

School Art Work

For several months I've had a few things sitting on my desk that the boys brought home from school that made me smile.  Some of them are from last year and some from this year and the other day I finally had time to scan them!  I'm posting them here so that they'll end up in my blog book :)
This REALLY made my day (and will probably be a note I keep in my desk for years to come)!  This is the note that I put in Brody's lunchbox.  When I opened up his lunchbox to clean it out I saw that he wrote a note back to me.  He wrote "I love you to" back to me on his note!  It brought tears to my eyes when I saw it.  So sweet!!!!

At the beginning of the school year Barrett would bring home his letter papers and there were be maybe one small mark from a pencil.  I'm so proud of what he can do now!  I traced every single "s" on this page!

This picture will go in Barrett's baby book....
Barrett was really proud of how well he traced this "R" in a bunch of different colors...

This picture was on the back of one of Barrett's letter pages.  What do you think it looks like?
He said that he was drawing Daddy's office in downtown Fort Worth!  I can see it.  Can't you?  A tall building with lots of windows?!

This picture of Brody's made me smile.  Not because of the amazing artwork....but because of the scene he depicted.  When I asked what this drawing was about he said it was a picture of him and Daddy hugging!  Awwwww!!!
I think Brody's experience is not with drawing people....but with drawing baseball diamonds.  99% of the artwork he brings home has a baseball diamond on either the front or the back of the page.

Just another picture he brought home that made me smile :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Party

Today was candy day....I mean Valentine's Day!  I went up to the boys' school at 1:30 for their class parties...and to watch them get high on sugar! lol

Last night we sat at the kitchen table with the boys spelling kids names out loud for Brody to write on his Valentine's...and filling out Barrett's Valentine's for him.  Made me wonder what it'll be like in a few years when we're sitting at the kitchen table helping them with their homework.  But I digress....the boys are still in pre-school right now ;) 

They had so much fun at their class parties today.  Here are a few pictures as evidence...

Jacob, Jackson, Marissa, Talynn, Kailyn, Bear, Barrett, Breck, Mia, Kate

Brody with his good friend, Carson.
Brody made a Valentine for me.  He drew a picture inside the card.  It was me (with a necklace on) being hugged by Brody.  So sweet!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

SNOW!!!!! (at least a trace amount)

Today was Brody's first baseball practice.  Since it was pretty cold outside, his team got to practice at the indoor batting cages.  It was fun watching the boys practice.  You can tell they're excited that it's finally baseball season!

After practice, we met GG, Daddy Steve, Namaw, Caleb, Audria, and Axton at Taco Bueno for dinner.  The boys were so excited to get to eat dinner with GG.  Brody said, "I haven't seen her since LAST MONTH!"  The boys love GG so much and look forward to anytime they get to spend a few minutes with her. 

While we were eating dinner, Barrett looked out the window and saw that it was SNOWING!!!
We haven't seen any snow in Texas this winter and the boys wanted to go outside and play in the falling snow.  Daddy Steve and Barrett ran through the parking lot with their mouths wide open to catch the falling flakes.

Axton stayed inside where it was nice and warm :)

Thursday, February 09, 2012

He can write!!!

Look what was on the back of one of the papers Barrett brought home from school today....

I'm so proud of him for learning to write his name!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Saturday, February 04, 2012

2000 Days Alive!

Seems like a blogworthy accomplishment, right?  Today...Brody has been alive TWO THOUSAND days!  I'm thankfull for each one of those days!  I won't say how many days I've been alive ;)

Little Helper

This morning Mike went outside to do some maintenance work on our vehicles.  Barrett came back inside after a while asking for a roll of paper towels for Daddy.  I gave it to him and about 10 minutes later went outside to see how things were going.  I found this.....
Mike was lying under the jeep saying, "Barrett...can you please hand me a paper towel?!?"  I started dying laughing when I saw that Barrett had unrolled the roll of paper towels all over the garage in an attempt to give Mike the last one on the roll.  He tore pieces off the last paper towel and handed them to Mike bits at a time!  I think he still needs some training before he becomes a reliable gopher!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Is that Daddy's plane?

We drove straight from Temple to DFW Airport to pick up Mike from his week long business trip.  Since we arrived a little early, Daddy Steve gave us directions (street by street over the phone) to the Founders Observatory where we could watch planes take off and land.  It was so cool!  You can also hear the radio transmissions the tower is sending to the planes.  Even though it was 1/2 hour before Mike's flight was scheduled to arrive, with EVERY plane that flew in to land Barrett asked, "Is THAT one Daddy's plane?!?"
The official beacon for the DFW Airport is located at Founders Observatory.  At first I didn't realize what it was (I thought it was just some kind of radio or cell tower).  We had to read the sign at the bottom. Once we figured out what it was...the boys thought it was really cool!!!
We were waiting with great anticipation for Mike to walk through the terminal doors to baggage claim.  The boys ran to him yelling, "DADDY!!!!!"  We're all so glad that he's home.  It's like I can finally let out a breath I've been holding for a week.  I'm so thankful for all the hard work that Mike does to support our family...and I'm soooo thankful that he's back home with us!

Temple Visit

click on the collages below to see full screen (These collages help blog book design go fast!)

As we were packing up to leave, Grandmommy sat on the front porch with all the kids.  Look at the joy on their faces!  Can you tell how much they all love their Grandmommy?!?