Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wool Shrinks!

About a year ago Caleb showed up at our front door and was holding 2 sweaters.  He held them up and they looked small (compared to him).  With a sad look on his face he said, "I guess I shouldn't have dried these sweaters!  Do you think they'll ever fit Brody?"  At the time they were too big....but not anymore!  Today he wore one of them to church...and he looked super cute! 


Ginger said...

LOL...that's a funny story. I can't believe it ever fit Caleb by looking at it on Brody.

Caleb said...

hahaha... yay! So glad someone gets some use out of that sweater! I was so mad at myself for washing it without reading the little tag on it... after I only wore it once!!!

Brody looks so handsome with it on!