Sunday, April 21, 2013

Field of Dreams

Today was Youth Sports League day at the Ballpark at Arlington. After church, we headed to the Ballpark. We arrived at the parking lot just in time to grab a few hotdogs with the boys' baseball team before heading in to the Rangers game. When we got inside the ballpark, we lined up with all the other teams on the concourse...waiting our turn to walk around the field! Yes...the actual field! The field where the Texas Rangers play! Brody and Barrett were beyond excited! Brody told me that the entire time he was walking around the field he imagined what it would be like if he was playing on that field and all the people in the stands were cheering for him. After we walked all the way around the field, we found our way to our seats and enjoyed the game. After the game we went back to the parking lot for (you guessed it) more baseball! The boys hadn't had enough! They convinced the coaches to play some baseball with them in the grassy area by the parking lot. Brianna is a little young to enjoy the baseball game, so she got to go to church with Daddy Steve and Namaw and spend the day with them. A fun day was had by all!


Ann Hastings said...

What a fun time!

Leave It To Davis said...

You just get prettier every day!