Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fertilizer Plant

Last week was a sad day for a town called West, Texas.  We woke up to the news that a fertilizer plant had exploded and many people were dead and injured.  While I was rushing around getting everything ready for the day, Mike was praying with the boys at the breakfast table.  He told them that a fertilizer plant had exploded and basically destroyed a small town in Texas.  Then they spent some time praying for the people of West.

Later that afternoon, I was watching the news with Brody.  All of the sudden he goes, "OH!!!!  That's a fertilizer plant!!!"  I looked at him confused and he said, "This morning Daddy said that a fertilizer plant exploded and destroyed a whole town!  I had never heard of a plant that could just explode and do that...and I didn't know what kind of plant a fertilizer plant was.  It's not a plant like a's a plant like a factory building!  I get it."

I sure am glad he got that one figured out!  Can you imagine the fear of walking through the woods behind our house?!  I can hear it now, "Hold on guys!  We need to figure out which one of these is a fertilizer plant!  We don't want to explode!"


Mom said...

You never know what they are thinking!

Leave It To Davis said...

Good thing that one got clear in his mind! lol....and good thing you have a blog to remember this one with!

Anonymous said...

Smart kid!!