Saturday, April 06, 2013


This is a public service announcement....

It has come to my attention that I may have some blog readers who are not related to me...and who are not friends with me on Facebook.  If I'm talking about you...I'm so sorry for leaving you in the dark! 

You may be wondering why there was a month + break in my posting when I typically post several times a week.  You may also wonder why Barrett had a "Big Brother" t-shirt on.  Was I pregnant and you just missed it?  Why haven't there been pictures of a baby if Barrett is a big brother?  I'm sure questions like this are keeping you up a night.

Here is the post I put on Facebook back in February:
"After 1,243 days of trusting the Lord that we were following his call for adoption...we got the call! On Valentine's Day we were told we have a BABY GIRL! She was born 2/10/13 at 35 weeks and when she came home from the hospital yesterday she weighed 4 lbs 14 oz. We are so in love with our precious Brianna Faith!

I have to admit, we are still in a little bit of SHOCK! This time last week we were just going through life like normal. In fact, we had talked about telling the agency we were done waiting...but neither one of us ever made the call. We didn't have 9 months to get ready...or even a few weeks! We got the call last Thursday and that night we were up at the NICU holding and caring for our little girl! (we're still trying to get used to saying "daughter"! lol)

Unfortunately we have to wait until the adoption is finalized in 6 months to post pictures of her face....but we'll try to at least post a picture of her cute feet and hands soon! Thank you for all of the prayers you have lifted up on our behalf over the past 3 1/2 years. We now know why God had us wait soooooo long! Bri is the perfect addition to our family. We are so blessed!!"

In other words....we have a baby!  What's sooooo hard is that the agency doesn't want me posting anything about her on my blog or on Facebook until the adoption is finalized in August.  If you're a faithful know that this is INCREDIBLY hard for me!  That's why there was such a long absence from my posting.  It's pretty hard to post when our life has been consumed with this new little life.  How can I post and not show pictures of her or her with the boys or talk about her!  Seriously?!?  It's really hard!'s just for 6 months (less than that now!!)

So...come August...I'll have your next novel for Book Club....Rustic Roots!  I've been making blog post drafts and dating them when things actually happen.  Once Brianna's adoption is finalized...I'll be able to go in and hit "post" and then you'll have hundreds of blog posts and TONS of pictures to look at of our beautiful baby girl!  Until then there will be sporadic posts that only contain things going on with the boys. 


Amy said...

YAY!! So happy for you all. And a GIRL!!! What do all the boys think? What do Daddy Steve and Namaw think?? I can't wait until August to see/read all about her.

NanaRose said...

Looking forward to August to see her. Congratulations. I love reading about your boys and know I will love hearing about your sweet girl. I am Sarah Tabor. We attended PR when you were growing up. I am Stefanie Copeland's Nana.

Bethany N. said...

I WAS wondering where you went. :)