Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Not Broken

One April 9th,  Barrett  fell while he was running around the sandbox at Daddy Steve and Namaw's house.  The next day Brianna had a doctor's appointment and I had our doctor check out his arm.  She didn't think it was broken and told us to ice/heat as needed.  Since he is still complaining about his arm hurting, I decided to take him in to let them x-ray it.  I was so thankful that the x-ray showed no break!  She thinks it is just a bad sprain...which just takes time to recover from.  The x-ray tech was impressed with how well Barrett obeyed and sat still for her to take the pictures.  After he was done she gave him a sucker and told him he could pick out a sticker or a temporary tattoo.  She showed all the options and then said, "Oh.  And I have a stack of mustache tattoos over here...but no one has ever picked one of those."  Guess what he picked?  Not the tattoo that goes on your arm...but the one that goes on your FACE!  The tech got the biggest kick out of it (since no one had ever chosen one of those tattoos) and even went around telling the other techs! 

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