Friday, September 20, 2013

Working Men

Mike is going to have to work all night tonight, so he planned some time during the day today with Barrett. I took Brody & Barrett to the book fair at Brody's school this morning and when we got home Mike let Barrett know that he was going to take him to work with him. This is a dream of my little boys...working with Daddy! He was excited to put on his boots, jeans, and navy polo (like Daddy) and then he packed up his work bag (which included his Power Rangers coloring book and crayons) and was ready to go! He looked so excited as he climbed into the truck with Daddy! Little does he know that they're only gonna work for a few hours and then they'll go to Cabela's!


Mom said...

I bet he loved that!

Leave It To Davis said...

Dave said, "REAL nice truck!"