Sunday, September 08, 2013

AHC - How to play catch up

Almost immediately Kristin told us that we were not allowed to post pictures on our blog or Facebook (which we expected).  But she also told us that she'd rather us refrain from posting anything about the adoption until after we finalized in August.  Wow.  That was a hard one for me to swallow.  We had waited 1,243 days for this adoption to happen....and now I had to wait another 6 months to talk to the world about it?!  I tried to argue my case...but Mike told me to stop making a big deal about it and that it wouldn't kill us to wait another 6 months to post about her!

So.....I may have waited to post about Brianna...but I didn't wait to make posts about her!  I've been making blog posts and taking TONS of pictures and then uploading them as drafts to my blog.  For the purpose of my blog book (I print my blog into a hardbound book each year as a keepsake for my family), I wanted the posts to appear in the correct date order.  I have dated all the posts when they actually happened...which might make them hard for you to find and read now! 

To make it easier for you to continue this journey with us and experience the first 6 months of Brianna's life through our eyes, I'll make a blog post with links to all the backdated blog posts.  So that you're not overwhelemed (I had over 100 drafts by the time August 23rd rolled around) I'll make a separate post of links for each month.  Capisce?

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