Wednesday, February 27, 2013

AHC - Post-Placement Visit

Today was our post-placement visit with Kristin from Covenant Kids.  They require a follow up visit within the first 2 weeks of placement.  I had class tonight and had to leave by she arrived a little early in order to talk with us and see how life is going with Brianna in our home. 

We talked with her for a while about how Bri's doing with her schedule and how she's fitting into our family and then Kristin asked to talk with the boys alone. We headed back to Brianna's room to change her diaper and they stayed in the living room. I couldn't help myself though...I crept back into the office to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Kristin: What do y'all think about having a little sister?
Brody: I love it!
barrett: It's fun.
K:  What do you like most about having Brianna in your family.
B: Holding her and just looking at her. She's so sweet.
K: What's different now that you have a little sister?
B:  We can't do some of the things we used to do.
K: Like what?
B: Like we used to throw a squishy ball against the wall in the living room and play catch, but now we can't do that.
K:  Why?
b: Because we might hit Brianna.
B: But we really only used to do that while we were watching Rangers' games...and they haven't started yet.
K: Anything else different?
B: Yes...we also can't shoot our nerf guns because we might hit her.
K: You have nerf guns?  You only use then while your parents are watching...right?
B:  No.  We can use them whenever we want!
K:  Where do you keep them?
B: In our room.
K:  Do you keep the darts in there too?
B:  Yes.
K:  So you keep nerf guns and darts in your room and can play with them whenever you want?
B & b:  Yes.

Oh my.  I walked back to the nursery and told Mike we were about to get a lecture about nerf guns!  He looked at me like I was crazy and I said, "Just watch!"  A side note here: We haven't given them any of the rules that they talked about with Kristin (ie. no squishy balls or nerf guns)....I guess Brody just decided they shouldn't use them and told Kristin so!  So....Kristin and the boys came back to Brianna's room and (as expected) Kristin asked to speak with me in the hall (Mike was changing Brianna's diaper).  She asked about the nerf guns and then told me that we had to put them up in the top of our closet for the next 6 months and only allow them to be used under "direct adult supervision" because "they shoot projectiles" and that even though a nerf dart may not hurt someone, "they may put a marble in the gun and shoot it at someone."  Now if you have a boys...or just nerf guns for that matter, you know that the gun won't even shoot the wrong I'm not sure how in the world she thinks it'd shoot something like a marble!!! lol!  But....we teach our kids to respect authority and we have to do the same.  It's only 6 months (this is a mantra I repeat in my head quite often these days!)

Kristin also made sure to verify at this visit that I had not been posting about Brianna on our blog and she even read our Facebook announcement to make sure it was appropriate!  Seriously?!?  I showed her how I've been making blog posts and dating them...but that they are saved as drafts and I won't hit "publish" until we have finalization.  I promised her that none of the info saved in my drafts is viewable by the public.

Thankfully Richelle (from life group) brought dinner to us tonight! I was able to scarf down a bowl of soup after Kristin left and then rush out the door to class.

Post-placement visit: CHECK!

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