Tuesday, February 19, 2013

AHC - Placement

We had about 30 minutes at home with the boys and Daddy Steve & Namaw before Kristin (with Covenant Kids) arrived.  She had a huge stack of papers for us to go over and sign to make the placement official. We were able to receive background information on Bri's biological family and signed more papers than I can count.  Today starts the 6 month waiting period for finalization in court.  We are already 9 days into the 31 day legal risk period (the biological father has 31 days to come forward and register on the national paternal registry if he intends to parent).  Hopefully by the end of March we'll have the termination hearing and will no longer be in a legal risk placement.  We don't anticipate any issues...but we still have to wait out the time.

Mike has been working sooooo hard to get our home ready for Brianna.  When Kristin came to do the official placement, she also did a walk through of our home to update our home study. Thankfully we had gotten the house back in order (well...except for the boys room! lol) just in time!  She asked about our evacuation plan in case of fire and asked if the boys knew what to do if there was a fire.  We showed her the evacuation plan (that has to be posted in our home) and then she asked if we could do a mock fire drill.  The boys were playing in the other room so I walked down the hall towards them saying, "Come on boys!  We have to hurry!  There's a fire!  We're having a fire drill!  Show me what to do if there's a fire!"  Then I rushed out the front door with the boys and headed towards our designated meeting spot...the mailbox.  A few steps before I reached the mailbox...I panicked!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  I FORGOT ABOUT THE BABY!!!  I turned around, hoping to be discrete and let out a huge sigh of relief when I saw Mike carrying Brianna out of the house!  Whew!  I couldn't believe that I had forgotten to get her!  So glad Mike's head was still on straight! lol

After we signed all the paperwork, Kristin scheduled an appointment to come back next week and then left us alone as a family of five!

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