Wednesday, February 20, 2013

AHC - Facebook Announcement

February 20th post to Facebook:
"After 1,243 days of trusting the Lord that we were following his call for adoption...we got the call! On Valentine's Day we were told we have a BABY GIRL! She was born 2/10/13 at 35 weeks and when she came home from the hospital yesterday she weighed 4 lbs 14 oz. We are so in love with our precious Brianna Faith!

I have to admit, we are still in a little bit of SHOCK! This time last week we w...ere just going through life like normal. In fact, we had talked about telling the agency we were done waiting...but neither one of us ever made the call. We didn't have 9 months to get ready...or even a few weeks! We got the call last Thursday and that night we were up at the NICU holding and caring for our little girl! (we're still trying to get used to saying "daughter"! lol)

Unfortunately we have to wait until the adoption is finalized in 6 months to post pictures of her face....but we'll try to at least post a picture of her cute feet and hands soon! Thank you for all of the prayers you have lifted up on our behalf over the past 3 1/2 years. We now know why God had us wait soooooo long! Bri is the perfect addition to our family. We are so blessed!!"  

There were over 180 likes and 75+ comments!  Here are the FB Comments:  

Nikki Hemby Jerkins- How beautiful!!! I can't wait to meet sweet, little Brianna!

Jennifer Jennings - I am so incredibly exited for your family!! Prayers and love go out to the birth mother who gave this child a wonderful family to love her!

Shelly Kacsmaryk - So happy for y'all!!! Gods timing is perfect!!!

Amy O'Neil Kuntz - What a blessing, Staci and Mike! So happy for your family :) Can't wait to see her!

Marcia Justl Stokes - Congratulations!!!! God had the perfect little girl for you in His timing. So very happy for you guys! :)

Laura Glasscock Washer - I am so excited for y'all! She has no idea how lucky she is to have you as family! I know the boys are over the moon! Can't wait to hear more!

Cheryl Hatley Wilson - Awesome!

Lisa Gallagher Gerhard - Congratulations. That is so exciting.

Sarah Brightly (Stork) - Wow!!! So great!

Melissa Collins Perry - That is so exciting!! Congratulations! I bet the boys are in love!

Amanda Thornell Ashworth - Yay!!!! Can't wait to see pics... Congrats!!!!!

Renee Statum Chappell - Wonderful news!! Congrats!!

Katrina Leighton - I am so so excited for you and your family!! She is going to be so loved. Congrats!!!

Brad Masters - From an adopted kid... I tear up when I see posts like this. Thing is... You bring them into your life for the joy they bring you. But you cannot conceive the joy you bring them. You give them a life and opportunities they could not have dreamed about without you. You WILL be their parents; and they WILL be your child. I am SOO happy for you! Thanks for sharing.

Kandi Gregg - Congraulations!! The boys have a Baby SISTER!!

Vickie Smithson Dudley - Congratulations! She will be so blessed by you as you will by her!

Julie Walker Webb - Congratulations Knowlton Family! What great news!

Jenny O'Neil Moreland - So happy for you guys!!!

Vanessa Courtney Bingham - So, SO excited for you!

Teri McCormick Anderson - Waaaa-hoooooo! Welcome li'l Brianna Faith. I am reminded of Hebrews 11: 6 without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek Him. I need to go get a tissue now!

Jessica Kantola - Beyond thrilled for you, Knowlton family!

Anne Nunn - Crying right now. I am so, so, so happy for you. Adoption is incredibly beautiful and such a perfect representation of the love Jesus has for us. Praying for a smooth transition for everyone. :)

Jennifer Jensen - Congrats. Can't wait to see her.

Sarah Dyer - So happy for you guys! It was a sweet conversation with Barrett on Tuesday!!!

Lareta Bridges Jeter - So unbelievably happy for your family!!! God is amazing and so gracious in His plan!!!! Let us know what your needs are! We will be happy to help!!!!! Big hugs!

Marna Holveck Wewe - Yahoo!! Congratulations.

Shannon Theobalt Dietrich - How exciting! Congratulations!

Eva Methvin Troha - I'm SO excited for y'all!!! Can you tell us her name?? I can't wait to see her!!!!

Jessica Schmidt - So excited for you! Congratulations to you and your family. What a beautiful blessing.

Wendy Santizo de Arriola - Glory to God. For the precious Baby Girl! I'm very happy for you and your family! Everything always is in the right perfect time of God!

Amber 'Miller' Monroe - Alright!!!! :) How awesome!!!! <3 this="">
Natalie Harden Gary - Wow! That's awesome! Did you do domestic adoption or international? We have talked about it as well.

Sarah Engelland - Rejoicing with you all!!

Linda Reid Stubbs - God is so into detail!!!!!! So thankful you all didn't make the call.....precious gift! Enjoy your little girl......they are so much fun! Hugs from the Stubbs family

RaeAnn Clark Hayes - Congratulations! So happy for you!

Emily 'Kennedy' Gillespie - Many congratulations!

Jessica Woods Rivers - Love you all and so happy for you!!!!

Melissa Jackson - Congratulations! I know you're glad the wait is over!

Ronni Hebert - I'm so very happy for all of you guys...Congratulations & Love you all xoxo

Cindy Ketcham Mersberger - Madison came to us on Feb 13 so we always celebrate Valentines as her day! She loves it! Awesome that your family will be celebrating too!

Amiee Nix - SO HAPPY FOR Y'ALL!!!

Jason Roach - Congrats! Daughters are ssssoooo different from sons! It's awesome!

Muriel Holt - So happy for your family!

Joline & Rudy Arriaga - Congrats!!! God's timing is ALWAYS PERFECT!!

Alise Thatcher Levens - Love love love!!! Congratulations!

Ketti Robertson - Still so ecstatic for y'all!

Jill Graves - love yall and your amazing story!! it gives me goose bumps everytime i think of it!!

Andrea Riggen Hilton - So happy for your family!! Congrats to you all! I know the boys are just loving her!

Treasure Sejour - oh so happy for ya'll!!! Congratulations!!!

Ginny & Jeremy Krenzin - What a blessing!

Heather Garrett - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Laci Nicole Weatherly - Y'all are such a wonderful family! And you have done such a great job with your boys! So happy for you!!!!

Debbie Wolfe - Wha-hoooo!

Danielle Bianca Ruderman - Congratulations!

Sue Lee Jones - I'm so excited for you! What a special blessing you have received and will also give to her.

Audria Hastings - So excited to have a girl in the family!

Ann Hastings - She is precious and I LOVED getting to hold her tonight, welcome to the family Bri:)

Wendi 'Watterson' Holmes - This makes me want to cry! Congrats guys... She will be so loved.

Staci Knowlton to Natalie Harden Gary - We adopted domestically. For us it's not just about showing Christ's love to our little girl, but also to her birth family. We wouldn't have the chance for an ongoing relationship with an international adoption.  Staci to Sarah Dyer - Jill Graves told me about Barrett's conversation with you! (You asked him ,"What's new Barrett?" and he said, "Well...I hav a baby sister!"  She said you just thought it was one of those stories preschool kids tell! Lol!!)

Susie Rhodes - Congrats, & praise God for answered prayer in His perfect timing!

Natalie Harden - Gary Staci I totally agree!! I love this!

Cindi Taylor Koceich - I have chills!!! I HAVE to meet her!!! Soooo excited for you guys!!!

Kelly Bolding Justice - Congratulations!! Can' twait to meet her!!

Suzanne Winn - STACI!!!!!! I'm so so so so so happy !!!!!

Danielle Frank Ellis - God absolutely LOVES to surprise His children! Rejoicing with you all!

Tina Schlotterback - Congratulations! So very happy for you and Bri!

Sharon Meacham - She is a blessing to our family. I cannot wait to hold her. I am so happy and I thank God for this blessing. She will have a wonderful Christian family to grow up with.

Robyn Nelson Glover - This is such exciting news!! Did you get to name her? Just asking because her name is a perfect fit in your family.

Jenny Swofford-Fenwick - Congratulations! I forgot you guys were going to adopt. You 2 are wonderful parents and will be great for that little girl.

Janet Lewis Chowning - Wow! I'm so happy for you guys. Can't wait to hear more of her story (your story, God's story). Congratulations to you all!!

Lisa Starr - LOVED seeing that beautiful face this morning - what a treat for us! So happy for your family - Bri is the most blessed little girl to have you as her mom. God bless!

Karan Bridgwater - In HIS time:-)

Bekah Wedel - This makes me want to cry! :)

Jana Johnston - Congratulations! We are so happy for you guys! Praise God!

Kacey Coker Pierson - Just saw this!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! Best news ever!!!!! :)))))

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