Thursday, January 31, 2013

Open House

Tonight was open house at Brody's school. He was excited to show us not only the work they've been doing, but all around his classroom and all around the school!

Mrs. Giese displayed Brody's book report project in the hall in front of their classroom. Since he used Barrett's camo puppy for his project that went along with his "Why I Want a Dog" paper, Barrett and Brody wanted their picture taken in front of the project.  We had fun seeing what Brody's been doing at school and I think Brody loved being our tour guide! 


Leave It To Davis said...

Oh, open house....when I learned my daughter had not turned in one lick of homework after being asked for months if she didn't have homework. Yes, the pride just swells up in your chest!

Mom said...

Good job on your project Brody!