Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Dear Future Great-Grandchildren,

Maybe I'm still going to aerobics class every day and am in amazing shape.  But I'm guessing that by the age of 90 I will have slowed down a little (just a little).  I'm sure Daddy Mike and I will tell you lots of stories of the mountains we climbed and the trips we took that required us to be in top physical condition.  I'll probably tell you about running a marathon at 18 with your Great-Great Daddy Steve.  I know I'll tell you that I taught aerobics classes until the day before I gave birth to your grandpa Brody (that's kinda like walking to school uphill both ways in the snow...right?!).  I'll probably tell you about riding bikes to and from school every day with my boys.  Hopefully I'll also tell you about many other adventures that I have yet to experience! 

At some point I may tell you a story about the time that your Great-Great Uncle Tyler told me about a guy at his gym who did push ups where he'd throw his body up in the air and clap his hands and feet before coming back down into a push up....and how Tyler and I had to prove to each other that we could do that kind of push up too!  Since you probably won't believe that I actually used to be able to do a push up like that....here's proof.
Daddy Steve took this picture (it's just before my hands land back on the ground after I clapped...notice feet are still in the air!).  I wonder if I'll be able to back down from a physical challenge by the time you read this?  If not (and you know it'll hurt me), please don't ask me to do it again....but you can show me that you can do a full body hop-off-the-ground-clap push up (don't know what else to call it).  If Great-Great Uncle Tyler is around...I'm sure he'll try it with you.
I hope that when you read this I'm still enjoying an active lifestyle....but if I'm not, know that I used the body God gave me to the fullest.  Being physically active sure makes living life enjoyable!
I love you!
Momma (well...that's what the boys call me now...I have no clue what you'll call me!)


Mom said...

It is good that you will have strong days to remember sometime in the future!

Ginger said...

WOW...I feel extra bad about myself now. lol!

Caleb said...

Nice, Staci! Way to epic beast that pushup!!!! (that's a good thing! lol)