Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Misc

Because of graduate school...things that I would typically blog about separately are just going to have to be grouped together and captioned (rather than having a story written about them).  I'd rather get the memories down in print....than not ever put them in my blog book because I don't have time to do the story justice.  I should be done with school in the next year...so then I can get back to my "normal" blog routine.  Until then...enjoy the random days where you check my blog and find that I have suddenly posted a million pics :)

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Leave It To Davis said...

Had to squint to read all the teeny tiny writing, but it sure was worthwhile! I did so enjoy this post!!! Loved that Brie thought that was a hat!!! Funny! And it's wonderful that the boys love Brie so much. You have such a wonderful family. Brody is turning into such a young man!!! He is handsome, isn't he! Miss you all!!!!