Thursday, January 16, 2014

Technology is Fun!

This morning Barrett, Bri, and I got to visit Grandmommy and Sharon before school. No, we didn't drive to Temple and back early this morning....we visited via FaceTime!  Grandmommy was on the phone with Sharon when we called her, so she stayed on and relayed everything we said to Sharon....and everything Sharon said to us. I love that they both have iPads now and can easily video chat with us!


Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled we have the IPads, also. We can now see the kids more often and the parents!
Missed you all yesterday. The funeral was nice but also sad. Jim was always so good to Jo Faye and I know she will miss him and I will miss him myself. He was a fine Christian gentleman.

Love you all -Sharon

Leave It To Davis said...

Mother is sure enjoying hers!