Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Hero

Every mom has felt the joy of success and the sting of defeat in the daily responsibility of parenting little ones.  Some days you feel like you have the hang of parenting....while other days you think you're the worst mom on the planet!  I have found that on days where I have really failed...not all is lost.  God put this amazing man in my life who comes in like a superhero and saves the day!  Some days it's when dinner is cooking, patience is thin, and the baby is crying....he gets home and plays with the kids...preventing a "total momma meltdown".  Other times I feel like I have used every disciplinary tool in my box and none of them worked.  I'll call up Mike and he always has just the right advice to give me to get things back under control.  Other times it is his selfless sacrifice that comes to my rescue.  Such was the case last night...

Let me start at the beginning.  On my way home from the grocery store Saturday night I got a text that said, "Come to the boys bathroom when you get here."  Uh oh.  That can't be good.  I hurried in to find Bri in the bathtub and Mike soaked with spit up.  I took over bathing her while he went to the kitchen to clean up the contents of her stomach.  For the next 24 hours Brianna just wanted Mike to hold her.  Yes...she had a stomach bug.  We washed hands constantly and tried hard to keep the boys germ free.  By yesterday I was beginning to think we'd succeeded.  I thought wrong.

At bed last night Barrett announced that his tummy hurt.  I rubbed some essential oils on him and then sent him to bed with a bucket.  At 11:45 he came into my room to tell me his tummy hurt.  I asked if he felt like he was gonna throw up and he said, "I already did...in my bed."  I got out of bed and went to his room using my phone as a flashlight (so as not to wake Brody who was on the bottom bunk).  Not only did he throw up in his bed...he'd taken 50,000 stuffed animals to bed with him and they were casualties of his stomach war.  This is where I totally fail as a momma.  As soon as my flashlight lit up the bed and the stench hit my nostrils...I was helpless.  I felt my own stomach begin to churn and knew I was about to add to the mess if I didn't escape...quick!  I climbed down from the bunk, took some deep breaths, and began to psych myself up.  "I can do this."  I told myself.  Seriously!  I'm a mom!  I should be able to take care of my sick child!  It was at that moment that I heard the dreaded noise...Barrett was getting sick again!

I took a deep breath and left the room heading towards the sound I'd just heard.  It was then that he arrived.  My hero!!!  He walked into the room tall and strong, yet tender and compassionate.  He had to teach a conference the next day, however, his love for me and Barrett compelled him to act heroically and selflessly.  Mike sent me back to bed (knowing that I fail every time I try to tackle the battle of the stomach bug) and began comforting Barrett and cleaning the mess.  He did 3 loads of laundry and sat up with Barrett all night as he got sick again, and again, and again.  Then he showered and dressed and went off to work to host a conference and provide for our family (he even made me coffee before he left!)

I may have failed the mom test (again) last night....but Mike passed the superhero test with flying colors.  I am so blessed to have a man who is so selfless and compassionate.  He is a rock to our family and I'm thankful for every day God gives me to do life with my hero!


Anna said...

So sorry that your house is sick:( What beautiful words though. Mike is a hero:-) I know I am so thankful for Tom's help everyday. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Mike is definitely a blessing! There just aren't that many that would do the things he does. I have the most admiration for him. He most definitely is a HERO in many other ways also.

I am so happy you have such a wonderful, Christian, loving husband.

I love you all and I am so sorry for the kids being sick. I pray you all will be well soon.


Leave It To Davis said...

Takes me back to the days when Ginger would get up and projectile vomit all over the bathroom.....practically every night.....from chocolate milk and Funyuns.....and having to clean that up. So glad those days are over!