Friday, January 24, 2014


Today was my 34th birthday.  For the most part it was just like any other day...dr's appt for Barrett, school for Brody, nap time for kids, laundry, etc.  It was also a day where I felt blessed to have such a wonderful family.  We had dinner at Daddy Steve & Namaw's house and then hung out with everyone until it was time to put kids to bed.  When we got home I went to the kitchen to make Bri's bottle.  Suddenly Brody and Barrett both came walking quickly into the kitchen...each carrying a vase of flowers (roses and lilies).

Barrett walked into the room and said, "Momma!  These flowers are for you for your birthday!"
I smiled knowingly at Mike and said, "Thank you boys!!  They're beautiful!"
Barrett said, "Yeah...I walked into our room and there were 2 vases of flowers!  I thought...'we should give these to Momma since it's her birthday' that's why we're giving them to you."

That just made me chuckle.  I wonder how he thinks the flowers just appeared in their room?


Leave It To Davis said...

lol.....funny! And happy birthday. I remember the day you were born. Your dad called me at the drug store and was SO EXCITED they had a baby girl. So was I. We all love you!

Steve said...

I'm still excited that I have a little girl!