Thursday, April 03, 2014


For as long as I can remember, popcorn has been a family snack tradition. My dad always used a hand crank Whirley Pop popcorn did Grandmommy. I remember sometimes Dad would make popcorn for him and Mom after us kids went to bed. We'd hear the familiar sounds of kernels being poured into the pan...and then the squeak of the handle as he turned the crank. As soon as the popping stopped, I'd find some excuse to go into the living room (like "I'm thirsty"). Caleb, Tyler, and I never understood why they waited until after we went to bed to make popcorn sometimes...we were more than willing to help them eat it!!  Of course, there were also many nights where he made it earlier and we'd watch the Cosby show and eat popcorn.  Such fun memories.

I remember eating popcorn at Jim & Nancy's house for the first time too.  Jim made the popcorn.  What made Jim's popcorn so good was the fact that he'd melt a stick of butter and pour it over the popcorn before adding salt.  It was no where near good for us...but it sure did taste good...and you better believe Mike and I would eat the entire bowl!

Our children have always loved have popcorn for a snack too.  Just the whisper of "do you want popcorn?" has little ones jumping for joy.  Brianna has recently joined in as one of the excited ones.  She hears the popcorn popper and comes crawling to the kitchen as fast as she can and reaches up towards the counter.  I made some for the kids after school today and learned that Bri is no longer happy with having a few pieces handed to her....she wants in on the big bowl along with everyone else.  Here are a few pics from my cell phone :)

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