Monday, July 29, 2013

Love Pats

Brianna got a shot at the doctor this morning and it's made her kinda fussy.  When I put her to bed tonight she didn't go to sleep right away and instead was crying.  Brody stopped me as I was standing up to go back to her room and said, "Can I go pat her for you?"  So I watched through the monitor as he want back there to try to calm down his little sister. First he climbed up the side of the crib so he could lean over and smell her diaper.  When it didn't smell bad, he climbed back down and leaned over the side patting her bottom and saying a quiet "shhhhhhh".  He stayed back there with her for about 10 minutes.  She'd be quiet until he tried to leave the room.  He finally gave up and came out and told me it was my turn.  He's gonna make a good daddy some day!

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Leave It To Davis said...

lol....Brody gave it all he had, which wasn't quite enough.