Friday, July 12, 2013

Bright Sun

I was complaining to Namaw and Audria today during "cousin pool time" about Brody's raccoon eyes. He wears sunglasses all the time and has such a dark tan that he's starting to look like a raccoon!  Namaw suggested that I get him tinted goggles for the pool and thought that might decrease the white space.  I already had some, so I dug them out of the pool toy bin and gave them to Brody.  We looked at him a few minutes later to see that he had on BOTH the goggles and the sunglasses!  He said that he liked the goggles keeping the water out of his eyes, but they weren't dark enough so he needed the sunglasses too!!  Oh boy.  What have we started?!?  


Ann Hastings said...

too funny!

Leave It To Davis said...

You might as well get used to those "raccoon eyes" because you know he's going to be a star ball player someday and he'll always wear sunglasses so the public won't recognize him. Or will they not recognize him if he takes them off? lol.