Saturday, May 11, 2013

Brody bats 1.000!!!

Today was the last game of the season for Brody's 7UAA Marlins.  Before we left for the game I told Mike that I had butterflies in my stomach!  We hadn't told Brody how good his batting average was this season because we didn't want him to focus on a number.  A few weeks ago he told me, "You know Momma?  One thing I think I'm doing better at this season is hitting.  I don't remember, but I may not have gotten out at all." 

I wanted to jump up and down and say, "You're right!  You're batting 1.000 right now!  That means you've had a hit EVERY at bat!  So don't mess up these last few gotta get a hit every at bat to keep your record going!"  Instead I replied, "I think you are doing better.  Just take it one pitch at a time and make sure you concentrate on making each hit a good one." 

Brody was first in the line up this year (meaning he got more at bats during each game).  The last game today was the most nervewracking for me!'s only 7UAA baseball...but I wanted to see the look on his face when Mike told him about his record!  I wanted it for him so bad!  Each time he was at the plate I watched on the edge of my seat as time after time he'd make a solid hit and get on base. 

Mike and I high fived after the game....Brody did it!  He had a hit and got on base every single at bat this season!  I think a few buttons popped off Mike's shirt tonight...

I waited with anticipation to see Brody's reaction when Mike gave him the news that he finished the season with 1.000 batting average.  After hearing about how proud we are of him, Brody looked up at Mike and said, "Isn't that what you're supposed to do?  Aren't you supposed to get a hit every at bat?!"


Caleb said...

I was nervous for him and I wasn't even at the game!!! hahaha... Awesome job Brody!!!!

Mom said...

Great job Brody! It is so fun to watch you play.

Ann Hastings said...

Way to go Brody- we are SO proud of you!

Daddy Steve said...

I loved Brody's humble reaction!

Leave It To Davis said...

And we can say, "We knew him when...." Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

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Grammy said...

You have such a sweet heart Brody.
What a FANTASTIC season!!