Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"I'm gonna be a Power Ranger when I grow up!"

This morning Barrett decided that instead of being a Texas Rangers baseball player when he grows up...he wants to be a Power Ranger.  I told him that Power Rangers are actors.  I don't think he understands what that means.  I tried to explain to him as in someone named John Smith plays Jayden the red Power Ranger...but that after they finish filming him, he goes home to a normal house.  I don't think he believes me.  Here's a bit of our conversation this morning:

Momma: The actors probaby live in Hollywood and that's where they film the Power Rangers shows.
barrett: Well then I guess I'll move to Hollywood.
M: But I thought you wanted to live next door to Brody when you grow up?
b: But we don't have any gap sensors here!
M: What's a gap sensor?
b: It's what tells you if a nylock (bad guy) is coming.
M: Maybe you can buy one somewhere.
b: I don't think so.  I've never seen them buy one. 
M: Maybe you should ask Camden.  He got samuraizers somewhere. (Camden....the blame for this new obsession!...had a Power Rangers birthday party.  He went to a bunch of AT&T stores with his mom and got old display phones to pass out to the kids at the party.  These are their samuraizers!)
b: Those aren't REAL samuraizers!  Those are just toys. 
M:  Oh.  Well I'm sure you'll get a real one when you're a real Power Ranger.
b:  But how will I train?  The real Power Rangers have been training since they were little kids!  They train with wooden swords.  I don't have a wooden sword!
M:  You can use some of the bamboo at Daddy Steve & Namaw's house.
b:  That's not a wooden sword!
M:  They make some floors that look like wooden floors out of I'm sure the bamboo would work as a wooden sword.
b:  Well...I'll have to add and handle too it...and I'll have to train every day.  I know what they do to train.  What color will I be?  There's already a red, yellow, blue, pink, gold, and green.  Maybe I can be an orange Power Ranger?
M: That would work.  You already have a lot of orange from your Marlins gear.
b: But what will my power be?  The fire smasher is awesome...but Jayden already has fire smasher.
M:  You'll probably have your own power.
b:  Ok.  You know I'll still come visit you when I live in Hollywood as Power Ranger....but I guess that's only if I decide I don't want to be a Texas Rangers baseball player.

I'm so glad our kids dream big!  lol!


Caleb said...

His secret identity could be a power ranger... but his public identity could be a Ranger's baseball player!!! No one would suspect that the Orange Power Ranger is actually the famous Barrett "The Bat" Knowlton!

Leave It To Davis said...

Tell him Brady and Bryan both loved the Power Rangers...go, go Power Rangers! (I guess they still sing that song?)

We still have all their Power Ranger toys, I think....most of them anyhow.

We even have the first Power Ranger movie on vhs!! weeee!