Friday, March 08, 2013

Big Brother

Every since we found out about Brianna, Barrett has been over the moon excited about being a big brother!  He also made sure that we knew that he would really like to have a t-shirt that told the world that he's a big brother.

Well...for the past week, Barrett has been rushing to the mailbox every day to see if the Big Brother shirt I ordered him has arrived yet. He's comes back to the house with a dejected look on his face every day! I think I should've paid for the faster shipping. The 8-10 business days I chose (the cheapest) means it may not make it here until after Spring Break. He didn't think he'd make it having to wait that long! So today I went to Children's Place and found this shirt: 
Now he's happy!

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Amy said...

How do I not know about this? Congratulations!!!