Sunday, April 03, 2016

"When I'm 5!"

Last week Bri told Daddy Steve that she would be grown up when she's five. He laughed and showed her by counting on his fingers, "After 5, you'll be 6 and then 7!" She looked at his hands and said, "No! I already be 2!"  We laughed and thought that she assumed a full hand = grown up. 

Over the past week she keeps asking me if she's 5 yet...and then sounds exasperated when I say no. For some reason she can't wait to be 5?!

Tonight she asked again if she was 5. I told her no and she sighed and said, "Five is soooo high." High? We were confused.  She said "come see!"....and took us to look at our growth chart.

Oh!!!! Five! As in five feet! Yes! That actually could be a grown up!! Lol

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